Optipod v3 4 ms
Optipod v3 4 ms

Stylish garden rooms to give you more living space

The new normal, optimised.

  • Standard: £18,000. Large: £21,000.
  • Absolutely everything included.
  • All year round comfort.
  • Zero maintenance.

What is Optipod?

Optipod is a fully insulated outdoor room installed in your garden.


Our modern design includes full-height double-glazed windows, Siberian Larch facia, and the latest LED lighting technology. 

Fully operational

Optipod is installed with heavy-duty insulation, electricity and data sockets, Internet connection from your home, internal and external lights, and security locks as standard. 


We use a fully steel structure built on a secure foundation to ensure your Optipod withstands all weather. And our 10-year protective warranty guarantees 100% maintenance free ownership. 

Get a modern garden room installed.

There are two sizes of Optipod.

Keeping to two standard sizes means we can keep prices low and install faster.

People choose Optipod for all sorts of reasons...

No planning permission

Optipods are less than 2.5m high, so do not require planning permission. And, because Optipods are made of substantially non-combustible materials and have less than 15 square metres of internal space, they can be installed up to the boundary of your home.  

Fast installation

Our experienced team can install your Optipod virtually anywhere. And because Optipod is assembled from compact prefabricated sections, there’s no messy construction or access requirements to worry about.  

Flexible configuration

A movable internal wall gives you the option of adding a small storage space to your Optipod. 

Long term value

Research shows that an Optipod can add 5% to the value of your home. Or, if you can’t bear to leave your Optipod behind when you sell, it can be moved to your new home.

Add 5% to your home value with an easily installed outdoor workspace.

Outdoor spaces ready to be installed with no planning permission.

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Peter circle3

"Homes weren’t designed to be worked from. Kitchens are for cooking. Living rooms for relaxing. Bedrooms for sleeping.

At Optipod we believe your home should remain your home. So we’ve created an outdoor workplace. Easy to install, with a flexible design and zero maintenance.

Optipod is your garden office. Or art studio. Or gym. Or summerhouse. Or kid’s den. Or just your place to escape. 

Optipod is whatever you want it to be. Leaving your home to be lived in... just like it was meant for. "

Peter Bohn, Director, Optipod

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