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Stylish garden rooms to give you more living space

From just £18,000, fully installed!

Optipod is installed with heavy-duty insulation, electricity and data sockets, Internet connection from your home, internal and external lights, and security locks as standard. 

No planning permission

Optipod’s dimensions do not require planning permission, and can be installed right up against the boundary of your home.

Fast installation

Our experienced team can install your Optipod virtually anywhere. No messy construction or access requirements to worry about. 

Flexible configuration

Optipod's movable internal wall gives you the option of adding additional valuable storage space. 

Long term value

Research shows that an Optipod can add 5% to the value of your home. Or, can be relocated with you.

Peter circle3

"Homes weren’t designed to be worked from. Kitchens are for cooking. Living rooms for relaxing. Bedrooms for sleeping.

At Optipod we believe your home should remain your home. So we’ve created an outdoor workplace. Easy to install, with a flexible design and zero maintenance.

Optipod is your garden office. Or art studio. Or gym. Or summerhouse. Or kid’s den. Or just your place to escape. 

Optipod is whatever you want it to be. Leaving your home to be lived in... just like it was meant for. "

Peter Bohn, Director, Optipod

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